I'm addicted to bright, bold vibrant colours and designs and one can't help but feel inspired and excited by Tjhoko's variety. Their products are stunningly unique and so user-friendly they unlock a level of creativity in people that drives artistic expression outward from the heart.

-Trish Shaw

I love Mama Tjhoko's (Nadine's) weekly inspirational demo's that patiently turns us into a community of Tjhoko artists.

-Louise Vorster

What I love about Tjhoko is the colours and the texture. It is also super easy to use! And if you make a mistake - just Tjhoko over it! Easy as that! The fact that you can literally Tjhoko anything is also great! I did one of my glass cutting boards and it looks beautiful!

-Cindy De Klerk

This product is amazing! I only wish that I had all the money in the world to paint the town...not red..as the saying goes but to paint the town Tjhoko!

-Cheryl Holworthy

You have made it till the end!

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