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About Tjhoko Paint

Tjhoko Paint Switzerland is proud to represent Tjhoko Paint South Africa, who have been manufacturing high quality decorative paint products for more than 21 years. Tjhoko Paint is an eco-friendly, water-based, self-sealing acrylic chalk paint. With a focus on incomparable quality, job creation and family values, each carefully crafted Tjhoko Paint colour is named after one of our incredible team members.

The unique, non-toxic properties and formulation of Tjhoko Paint means it can be used on virtually any surface and in virtually any environment, from children’s nurseries to interior and exterior spaces and everything in between, with no wax or sealant required. Tjhoko’s matt finish paint becomes UV and water resistant by simply applying our Clear Glaze.

Tjhoko Paint can be used on wood, metal, glass, natural fabrics, paper, laminated surfaces and previously varnished surfaces with no sanding or priming required (just a thorough wipe down with Lacquer thinners). Tjhoko Paint is truly a revolutionary product!

Tjhoko Paint is a creamy and smooth chalk-based paint that leaves no chalky residue. It is easy to work with and requires no sealant to grip to a painted surface. If you like a matt look, no glaze needs to be applied. If you require a washable, wearable surface, apply the Clear Glaze.

Transform your indoor and outdoor spaces and your old unloved furniture or objects and let your creativity go wild!

Don’t just paint it, Tjhoko it!

Why Tjhoko Paint?

  1. It’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and the quality is outstanding.
  2. It is easy to use with no sanding and no priming (undercoat) needed. 
  3. The packaging is practical, recyclable and user friendly. 
  4. It’s already a sealed product that leaves no chalky residue.
  5. Once painted and sealed with the Glaze, you can repaint again without any preparations required.
  6. It grips to wood, cement, tiles, glass, aluminium, fabric, leather, walls, melamine, and metal.
  7. It encourages reuse and recycling, plus saves time and money. Instead of buying something new, you create something yourself.
  8. Tjhoko have an amazing company ethic, they create jobs and empower their staff. Each paint is named after an employee.

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