1.   Paint your surface the colour of your choice. (It also works well on non-painted surfaces.)
2.   Allow to dry.
3.   Apply second contrasting colour by using a very dry brush. Dip the brush in the paint and remove any excess paint.
4.   Use only one side of the brush with little paint on it and work only in one direction.
5.   Important: The brush needs to be dry and little paint is required. Ensure that the paint is evenly and thinly applied onto the paint brush.
Movement is only in one direction.  After each stroke the movement is repeated.
6.   One or more colours can be brushed, depending on the look you want to create.
7.   To seal for a washable, water- and UV resistant surface use the Clear Glaze four hours after the paint application (Glazes are discussed further down on the Tips page)